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The Team

Delta Screens is led by a team of industry professionals with extensive global experience in completions, with specialization in sand control, and industrial filtration.  

Joseph Hayes experience includes Schlumberger, Carbo Ceramics, Wood Group, focused on sand control, technology development

Joseph Hayes


Experience Highlights 

  • Carbo Ceramics Sales Manager - Gulf of Mexico & Alaska (2 years) 

  • Wood - Solar Project Delivery Manager (1 year)

  • Schlumberger (23 years)

    • Global Sand Control Screens Product Line Manager

    • Well Services Global Quality and HSE Manager

    • Sand Control Pumping and Downhole Tools Technical Engineer 

University of Wyoming - BS Civil Engineering ​

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Bryan Stamm 

Technical Advisor

Experience Highlights 

  • Completion Engineering consultant (7 years) 

  • Schlumberger (17 years) 

    • Sand Management Services - VP of Sand Control Pumping, Downhole Tools & Screens 

    • Completions Architect

    • Sand Management Global Operations Support 

    • Global Completion & Sand Control Technical Advisor 

  • Dowell Schlumberger (5 years)

    • Sand Control & Hydraulic Fracturing Instructor - Schlumberger Kellyville Oklahoma Training Center

    • Sand Control Pumping & Downhole Tools Technical Engineer  


Pennsylvania State University - BS Chemical Engineering 

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Bryan Stamm experience include completion and petroleum engineering, sand control, working for Schlumberger, Frostwood Energy
Wren Munsterman is experienced in completions, well intervention, sand control, slickline internationally

Wren Munsterman

VP Sales & Marketing

Experience Highlights 

  • Delta Screens (including as founder) (13 years)

  • Schlumberger (12 years)

    • Well Completions Global Account Manager – Chevron

    • CSC General Manager – Tengizchevroil

    • Well Completions Operations Manager – Alaska

    • Sand Management liason with US Filter Johnson Screens

    • Well Intervention Services Global Slickline Manager

  • Camco Products & Services (25 years)

    • Global Slickline Business Manager

    • Northern Region General Manager

    • Asia Pacific Region General Manager

    • Gulf Coast Region General Manager


University of Louisiana - Lafayette, Southeastern Louisiana University - BA Industrial Management 

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Mark Everritt

Production Manager

Experience Highlights 

  • Delta Screens - Production Manager (14 years)

  • Baker Hughes - Production Manager Oil & Gas Well Screens (14 years)

  • Tri-State Oil Tools, a Baker Hughes. Company - Heat Treating Specialist (16 years) 

Materials Engineering Institute - Principles of Metallurgy 

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Mark Everritt has experience with Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Tri-State Oil Tools, with expertise in metallurgy, treatments
Buzz Rajabian experience includes Schlumberger, Weatherford, Quantico, with completion and petroleum engineering

Buzz Rajabian 

O&G Screen Technical Sales

Experience Highlights 

  • Delta Screens O&G Screen Technical Sales ​(5 years)

  • Quantico Energy Solutions Business Development (2 years)

  • Weatherford Global Account Director (2 years)

  • Schlumberger Global Account Manager (16 years)

  • Camco Completions Technical Sales - Global (18 years) 

Texas A&M University - BS Mechanical Engineering 

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Paul Ho

Industrial Screen Technical Sales 

Experience Highlights 

  • Delta Screens (13 years)

    • Industrial Screens Design Manager

    • Oil & Gas Sand Control Screen Designer

  • AMACS - Vessel Internals Estimator (10 years)

  • Amistco Separation Products - Mist Eliminator Designer & Estimator (10 years) 

San Jose State University - BS Industrial Technology 

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Paul Ho experience includes AMACS, Amistco, vessel internals engineering and design, separation technology

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