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Oil & Gas 

Delta collaborates with customers to select from a comprehensive line of standard configurations or manufacture screens to spec. 

Every screen is fully tested, inspected, and  ISO 9001 Certified.

Delivering Successful Completions

  • Leadership team with decades of experience 

  • Delta completions experts work directly with your team - from design to installation 

  • Highly cost effective facility and organization 

  • Screens manufactured to the highest standards

  • A selection of alloys, with in-house metallurgical expertise and testing 

  • Quality program tracking from material arrival to shipment


  • And everything happens under one roof. 

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THREE60 Energy Norway Partnership

On selected projects, the team at THREE60 Energy Norway supports Delta Screens by providing technical support and studies. 

THREE60 Energy provides expert, operator background, independent, objective advice on sand control completions projects. 

Test Rig 2.jpg

THREE60 Energy Norway have completed more than 300 technical studies and projects within a broad range of activities relating to drilling, completion, intervention, integrity, production and subsurface disciplines. 

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Delta Extreme 


  • 316L SS Filtration media, also available in CRA 

  • Inner drainage layer and outer shroud design option to provide secondary sand control 

  • A full range of micron ratings is available and the media may be customized to suit specific reservoir characteristics 

  • The filtration media is constructed to provide maximum open area for unrestricted flow.

  • Full range of sizes, high burst design 


  • Extremely damage resistant – maintains sand control under high compaction loads.

  • Designs available with high formation holding capacity for heavy oil applications.

  • Higher burst and collapse values than standard metal mesh screens 

  • Chemically and thermally stable for HT/HP applications 

  • Suitable for stand alone or GP deployments 

  • Excellent screen for high rate wells where erosion velocity may be a concern 

  • Ideal for deep, high pressure reservoirs, injection wells, or low bottom hole pressure ones where fluid loss pills may be required 

Delta Extreme sand control screen for hostile environment well conditions
Delta Extreme Premium Direct Wrapped Dual Screen is designed for the toughest well and production environments 
Delta Cirect Wrap on Pipe Screen ideal for high angle wells, short radius horizontal wells
Delta Direct Wrap on Pipe Screen is ideal for high angle or short radius horizontals 

Delta Direct 


  • Internal quality control of wrap wire specifications.

  • Screens are available in standard service 316LSS or CRA alloys as required 

  • Screen to base pipe attachment method provides maximum strength to withstand high loads in shear, compaction and torque 

  • Wire dimensions and configurations are available for specific requirements varying from stand alone, OHGP, HRWP or FP deployments 

  • Available in Range 3 lengths 


  • Suitable for high angle or short radius horizontals such as multi-lateral deployments 

  • A more cost effective alternative to premium diffusion bonded screens when applicable 

  • Suitable for stand alone, cased hole, open hole and horizontal completions 

  • Highly damage resistant due to the manufacturing process of directly wrapping to base pipe 

Delta Elite 


  • Diffusion bonded stainless steel media material

  • Media available in corrosion resistant alloys (CRA)

  • Fixed geometry media pores resist movement under pressure 

  • A full range of micron ratings available, designed as per reservoir requirements 

  • Filtration media constructed to provide mazinmum area for unrestriced flow

  • Full range of sizes; thru tubing to 7" OD 


  • Extremely damage resisitant, maintains sand control under high compaction loads 

  • Designs available with high dirt holding capacity for heavy oil applications

  • Well suited for ICD Completion designs, inclucing horizontals

  • Chemically and thermally stable for HP/HT applications 

  • Suitable for stand alone or GP deployments 

  • Excellent screen platform for high profile completions projects 

Delta Elite Premium Diffusion Bonded Screen is designed for heavy oil, or high compaction loads.
Delta Elite Premium Diffusion Bonded Screen is designed for heavy oil, or high compaction loads. 
Delta STS Shunt Tube System for Cased Hole Applications configurable for any gravel pack flow rate
Delta STS Shunt Tube System for Cased Hole Applications is configurable for any gravel pack flow rate 

Shunt Tube System - CH


  • Low-Rate Pac System (LRPS) configurable packing tubes for low or high-rate gravel pack jobs, including for high-rate frac jobs

  • Tubes can be placed eccentrically on the screen to minimize OD, or concentrically to maximize the area for slurry transport 

  • Time Threads ensure alignment of Packing/Fracking Tubes when being made up 

  • Jumper tubes are held in the locked positions by a snap clip, eliminating the need for set screws 


  • Use of STS can increase the prospect of a void-free pack when a proppant bridge occurs in the annulus 

  • Use of multiple tubes creates redundancy in the STS, with flow through each tube independent of the other

  • Packing can continue if one tube is plugged or damaged

  • Fracking can continue below a proppant bridge with the use of HRFS, ensuring adequate stimulation of the zone of interest

  • The STS can be installed on any of Delta’s screen products.

Coupon after 6 hours screen shot.png
Increasing Sand Screen Erosion Resistance 
A Technology Development Collaboration with Chevron 
Test rig 1 better image.jpg

Test Set-up

7 hour coupon with no photo shadow_edite

After 7 hrs of Flow

Screen Shot 2023-10-06 at 10.57.15 AM.png

Uncoated - Blue

Coated - Green

The Multi-Pore Weave Design which Delta has engineered into its screens significantly improves porosity/production over standard designs.

Porous Metal Filters Partnership 

Delta has partnered with Porous Metal Filters to bring a radical advance to sand control completions - Multi-Pore Weave Design. 


This weave is engineered with a complex pore structure of elongated and triangular pores which help bridging of sand on the surface while maintaining excellent flow through the screen.


This pore size distribution is similar to 40/60 gravel, but with 3 times the porosity.

Visit the Technology Data Sheet Library 

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Meet the Sand Control Experts at Delta Screens 

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